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About us

Established in 2004 , Alithea is the specialist in producing innovative ingredients and technological solutions for food industry. To achieve this, Alithea has its own developing Laboratory Unit fully equipped with lab scale devices and pilot plants. In this purpose-built facility, our company create prototypes for the premium industry and the food services market. Alithea is proud to be an international high-quality, value-added, R&D company which works with a true customer focus. Our prototypes become always products which lead our customers toward either savings or new business Alithea is placed in north of Italy; the Country of taste.
Alithea Srl
Registered Office: Vicolo Gesù 7/9 - 20020 - Busto Garolfo (MI) - ITALIA
Operational headquarters: Via dell'Industria 109 - 20020 - Busto Garolfo (MI) - ITALIA
Tel/Fax: +39 0331568714 - Email: